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John's Journal... Entry 9 - Day 4

Click to enlarge"I start a woman out with a bait casting reel. The reason I want a woman to start fishing with a bait casting reel is that bait casting is one of the most difficult skills to learn in fishing, but once a woman learns to throw a bait casting reel, a spinning reel, or the flipping technique fishing will be much easier for her," Kim Chambers says.

Chambers is a competitive bass fisherman and is willing to teach other women how to bass fish. Chambers teaches women how to adjust the magnets on a bait casting reel, how to compensate for the weight of the lure and how to get a birds nest out of a line if and when you get one.

Click to enlarge"I've learned that long fingernails are a definite advantage for a fisherman. With long fingernails a lady can dig a birds nest out of a reel, tie her line on faster and pick up her lours easier especially small lures and jigs. If she breaks a nail so what, she can just glue another one on, Chambers says."

Chambers teaches women to make short cast with a bait casting reel and as their skills improve she encourages them to make longer and longer casts. Then she sets up targets for the women to cast to and finally she uses smaller and smaller lures for the women to cast with. "When you learn to cast light lures on a bait casting reel you experience a real sense of accomplishment and by going through this process you learn to cast almost any lour in the tackle box.

Click to enlargeChambers is not sexist she'll teach men as well as women how to bass fish and she's got the patience and personality to make the experience a lot of fun.

"I start teaching people to fish a plastic worm. The worm is easy to rig, easy to fish and even if you throw it out on the bank you are probably not going to get it hung up," Chamber says. Not only does Chambers teach her students to Texas rig a worm, she'll teach them to fish a worm on a jig head and the Carolina rig. She explains what a bite feels like and how to set the hook. "I believe the plastic worm is the easiest lour for anyone to learn to fish and be successful fishing." Chamber says.

Click to enlargeTo learn more about Chambers fishing instruction you can contact her at Kim Chambers, 441 County Road 1534, Cullman, AL 35058, (256) 796-7560.

Tomorrow learn why Chambers believes that women should learn to fish.





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