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John's Journal... Entry 9 - Day 5

Click to enlarge"I believe that bass fishing builds confidence and helps a woman to feel good about herself," Kim Chambers of Cullman, Alabama says. Learning to catch a fish is hard to do. Learning how to drive a boat can be a real accomplishment. Getting out on a lake in a boat by yourself requires an awful lot of courage and confidence. But when a woman learns how to catch a fish, drive a boat and be out on a lake by herself and not be afraid, she becomes a more confident, self assured, self reliant individual and she feels better about herself."

Even if a lady doesn't want to be a fisherman but would like to learn how to run a ski boat or any type of motor powered boat, Chambers teaches those skills and within a day she can enable a woman to feel confident about her boating skills on the water.

Click to enlarge"I think a woman can teach a woman better because often times even when they don't know it, a man can be very intimidating for a woman on the water."

In states where boaters have to take a boat competency test and know all of the rules and regulations in order to obtain a boat operators license, Chambers teaches all the skills and the laws and regulations that a lady would need to know in order to pass her boating test.

Click to enlargeOne of the problems that most women face on the water is boat bathroom etiquette. "If you are out fishing on the lake or you are fishing in a bass tournament with a male partner, you are not going to have time to go and look for a bathroom with a door and a toilet. I teach women to carry toilet paper with them at all times they are on the water. During daylight hours they can get out on the bank and find a tree or a bush to get behind, but if they fish night tournaments like I do, they have to learn how to go to the bathroom in the boat or on the side of the boat. I teach women not to be embarrassed to go to the bathroom and how to handle those problems," Chambers says.

Click to enlargeKim Chambers is a breathe of fresh air in the world of tournament bass fishing. Although she competes on a couples circuit called Guys and Dolls and she competes on the women's professional bass fishing tournament. This year she'll be fishing some Redman Tournaments and competing with seasoned veterans on the tournament circuit. If you'll be fishing that circuit this year don't make the mistake of not taking Kim Chambers seriously. She's a fierce competitor a serious bass fisherman and she won't quit till she wins.

If you'd like to learn more about Kim Chambers as a women's fishing coach you can contact her at Kim Chambers 441 County Road, Cullman, AL 35058, (256) 796-7560.


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