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John's Journal... Entry 10 - Day 1


Click to enlargeLargemouth And Smallmouth By Star Light

As the lure bumped across the bottom in the inky-black darkness, I felt a sharp bump on the line. When I set the hook, the drag started slipping, and the rod began to bow.

"You've got him," Sam Parker of Florence, Alabama, a fishing guide on Pickwick Lake in northwest Alabama on the Tennessee River, said, as I began to fight against the fish.

Click to enlargeAfter a fun tug of war, a 2 1/2-pound smallmouth bass slid over the lip of the dipnet. Night fishing for smallmouth on Pickwick Lake near the dam on the banks is really heating up at this time of the year. You can fish very effectively for these smallmouth with Strike King spinnerbaits or Bitsy Bugs on 8- to 10-pound-test line.
Click to enlargeYou'll find night fishing in Pickwick Lake productive until Thanksgiving or when the weather becomes really cold. The smallmouth will pull up onto those rocky points. Although you can get your arm broken in a night of fishing, you'll not only catch smallmouth but also largemouth that weigh up to 5 and 8 pounds in October and November.
Click to enlargeIf you want to sleep late on Saturday morning, why not fish on a Friday night with Parker? For more information, contact Sam Parker at 7731 Doctor Kennedy Drive, Florence, Al 35634, (256) 757-7033. Ask him about his 15-hour night/day combo trip.

Check back each day this week for more on fishing with Sam Parker

Largemouth And Smallmouth By Star Light
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