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John's Journal... Entry 18 - Day3

click to enlargeHOW TO FARM TROPHY BASS

EDITOR'S NOTE: Trey Montgomery owns and operates one of the nation's leading trophy bass-fishing lodges near West Greene, Alabama, between I-65 near Eutaw and the Mississippi border.

QUESTION: How do you farm bass?

ANSWER: We're growing 4- to 6-pound bass in our home lake and then transferring a certain number of these bass click to enlargefrom our home lake to our other lakes every year. We have both growing lakes and fishing lakes, which enables us to always produce plenty of big bass for our anglers. Too, we keep all our lakes heavily fertilized and stocked with numbers of prey fish. Our goal is to try to produce the most bass that our lakes can hold for the anglers who come to fish with us. We want our anglers to be able to catch 30 to 60 bass a day, with most of those bass weighing 3 pounds or more. We like for our fishermen to catch the biggest bass of their lifetimes here at Leavellwood.

Call or write Trey Montgomery at Leavellwood Lodge, P.O. Box 24, Co. Rd. 117, West Greene, Alabama 35491, (205) 372-2323 for further information.


Check back each day this week for more from Trey Montgomery and Leavellwood...

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