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John's Journal... Entry 18 - Day 5


EDITOR'S NOTE: Trey Montgomery taught me plenty when I visited and fished with him recently. This owner and operator of Leavellwood Lodge, one of the nation's leading trophy bass-fishing lodges, in West Greene, Alabama, not far from Eutaw on I-65, has told us about raising trophy bass this week.

QUESTION: What are you hoping that Leavellwood will become?

click to enlargeANSWER: We want Leavellwood to become more than just a hunting and fishing lodge. We want our guests to have the opportunity to fish for and catch above-average-size bass, bluegill, coppernose and catfish. We want our guests to see deer, turkey and ducks around our ponds. We know we can provide a quality deer hunt or turkey hunt for a limited number of people here at Leavellwood. In the future, we hope to provide hog hunts and have well-stocked catfish ponds for our guests. Hunting hogs on our lands may start as early as this spring, and the good news about the hogs is you can hunt them all year long. We have the hardness in our water, the fertility in our ponds and an abundance of baitfish that sustains a click to enlargetremendous amount of trophy bass. We can produce the bass-fishing trip of a lifetime here at Leavellwood.

QUESTION: Why would a company or corporation choose to come to Leavellwood?

ANSWER: We have a beautiful lodge, deliciously-prepared gourmet meals, some of the best hunting and fishing you can find anywhere in the nation and an atmosphere that's conducive to allowing customers and clients to get to know one another personally. We know that we can produce a click to enlargequality hunt or a fishing trip that will prove to be a trip of a lifetime.

Call or write, Trey Montgomery, % Leavellwood Lodge, P.O. Box 24, West Greene, Alabama 35491, (205) 372-2323.


Check back each day this week for more from Trey Montgomery and Leavellwood...

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