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John's Journal... Entry 24- Day 2


Editor's Note: According to Bobby Martin, "The way to catch crappie in the summer is to fish deep. That means most of the time, crappie fishermen can forget about trolling during the summer months. However, there are no hard, fast rules in fishing that don't have an exception. I must explain that you always fish deep in the summer -- unless you encounter some kind of water condition that prevents you from fishing as deeply as normal.

"There's a place on Lake Eufaula on the Alabama/Georgia border where three creek channels come together, which is about the only place I know of in the nation, even in August, where an angler always can catch crappie. Crappie concentrate in this particular region, because there's cool water from three-different creeks running into the lake at the same spot. There will be from 10 to 15 degrees difference in the water temperature in the summer between this area and anywhere else on the lake. Although the rest of Lake Eufaula may have 85- to 90-degree water, the water here constantly will be 65 to 70 degrees from the surface down to about 6 feet. The fish will be 4- 1/2- to 5 feet deep -- even in August.

"This site also has humps on the bottom with trash piled on top of the humps. The crappie have cool water, structure and cover all in one place. Since the water here is always stained, the light penetration doesn't bother the fish either. Because the water temperature in this area remains constant, you can catch crappie trolling all year long on this one area of Lake Eufaula.

"Another effective technique is to vertical jig drop-offs in deep water much like a bass angler when he's trying to catch bass at this time of the year. Actually bass angling and crappie fishing are not that much different. Usually you can find both kinds of fish holding on the same type of structure at the same water depth at about the same time of the year.

"During this hot weather, fish a 1/32-ounce jig on 4- to 6-pound test line, since crappie seem to want a smaller jig when they're holding in deep water. Of course when you're fishing a 1/32-ounce jig in water over 12 feet deep, you have plenty of time to talk to your buddy before your jig reaches the bottom. But also you'd better be watching your line, because you'll see the bite rather than feel it.

"Usually crappie are more aggressive when you're fishing light line and little jigs in deep water. Perhaps that's because the baits that are so small and are passing right in front of their noses, which means they don't have to move to hit the lures. So the crappie will suck the jigs in quickly."

Contact Jackie Thompson at Lake Eufaula Guide Service (334) 687-9595 to learn about a guided crappie-fishing trip there



Check back each day this week for more about fighting tactics for monster crappie...

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