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John's Journal... Entry 27 - Day 4

click to enlargeFind Underwater Highways and Railroads, and Fish Concrete

Many man-made lake impoundments encompass underwater places where railroads and highways once crossed creeks and rivers. If you locate those old roadbeds, you'll find plenty of pre-spawn crappie holding on them.

Too, underwater bridges, bridge pilings and other vertical click to enlargestructure will provide places for crappie to hold near in almost any depth of water where they feel comfortable. Also, remember the drastic water changes usually present on either side of bridge pilings, since engineers often construct pilings on the edges of underwater creek channels. During the pre-spawn, you can almost always find crappie holding somewhere on a submerged bridge piling.

During the winter months before the spawn, pre-spawn crappie will look for warm water close to deep water. Concrete bridges, locks, dams and piers click to enlargecatch the heat from the sun and transfer that heat into the water. Often you'll catch crappie where you find concrete.

Many anglers have had success taking crappie during the pre-spawn near a concrete loading dock on the edge of a creek channel. If you build a brush shelter next to the concrete, you'll have one of the best spots on the lake or river to catch crappie during the pre-spawn.

Tomorrow: Catch Crappie in Discharge, Ditches and Near Docks


Check back each day this week for more about Pre-spawn crappie...

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John's Journal