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John's Journal... Entry34 - Day 1

click to enlargeThe Bad Bird Bible Chapter 4, Verse 1- Preston Pittman

"I grew up hunting public lands on Camp Shelby, south of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in the DeSoto National Forest," Preston Pittman, the creator of Preston Pittman Game Calls, a division of Highlanders Sports in Huntsville, Alabama, and winner of many turkey-calling championships, explained. "Just about everyone who hunted there had hunted one particular bird because he gobbled so good in the morning. But if you moved close to him and started to call, he'd shut up. Then you wouldn't hear him again until he was 1/2-mile away from you. If you tried to hunt him again in the afternoon, he'd gobble good when he first heard you call, shut up and move away from you. There just never was a time during daylight hours that you could call to the bird that he wouldn't gobble, shut up and leave you.

click to enlarge"To take this turkey, I went into the woods at 2:00 a.m. I'd found earlier where he was flying up to roost. In pitch-black dark, I moved in as close as I could get to him. I took a nap until just before daylight when the turkey's gobbling woke me up. I heard three other people calling to him. However, I was less than 60 yards from where he was roosting.

click to enlarge"All I did was use a turkey's wing to make a fly-down sound, brush that wing up against the side of a tree and scratch in the leaves with my gloved hand to sound like a turkey. I scratched in the leaves for about 30 minutes before the turkey appeared, and I took him. Hunters can make sounds that turkeys make other than calling and bring in a bad bird."

click to enlargeTo learn more about hunting turkeys, go to Night Hawk's homepage and click on hunting books.

For more information on Preston Pittman Calls, call 601-859-8313.



Check back each day this week for more about The Bad Bird Bible ...

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