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John's Journal... Entry 54, Day 1

Excalibur Saltwater Super Spook, Jr.

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Anthony Randazzo of Belle Chasse, Louisiana, earns a living each day as a guide for speckled trout and redfish and has five guides who work with him at Paradise Plus Guide Service, Inc. They fish the entire Mississippi Delta, from Empire to Venice, Louisiana. Their income directly relates to the number of fish they catch, the size of the fish they take and the lures they use. Night Hawk Publications has asked these fishing guides to test some of the newest saltwater lures on the market today. "To catch a really big trout, you have to use a very large lure," Randazzo said. "My favorite topwater lure is Heddon's new Excalibur Saltwater Super Spook Jr., another member of the Zara Spook family. This big lure, weighing in at 1/2-ounce and measuring 3 1/2-inches long, has three very-sharp sets of treble hooks and comes in five striking saltwater fish-catching colors.

click to enlarge"To fish this lure, anglers use a fast, walk-the-dog type retrieve when the trout and redfish are actively feeding on the surface, or a slow, walk-the-dog kind of retrieve when the fish are biting more reluctantly. Although this bait will produce under any water and weather conditions, the Saltwater Super Spook Jr. seems to be the most effective in areas with mild winds and calm water."

click to enlargeOccasionally the fish won't willingly come up to the surface and may prefer a stop-and-go retrieve. Because the Saltwater Super Spook Jr. gives off plenty of flash, sound and wake, speckled trout and redfish can trail this bait through the water until they're ready to attack it on the surface.

"I don't believe there's any more exciting way to fish than using the Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Jr. to catch trout and reds on the surface," Randazzo explained.

click to enlargeFor more information on this lure, call Bruce Stanton at PRADCO (501) 782-8971, or Anthony Randazzo (501) 504) 656-9940.

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