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John's Journal... Entry 56, Day 1

How the ReliefBand Relieved Symptoms of Seasickness

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Several months ago, I received a press release from Woodside Biomedical Company in California introducing a new product called the ReliefBand to the fishing market. Woodside claimed that this device had the ability to stop the nausea and discomfort associated with seasickness. Although extremely skeptical, I tried it on my next fishing trip.

During a week-long period in the summer of 2000, I fished with three different groups of people in the Gulf of Mexico and tested the ReliefBand on five different individuals. I found that every one of them recovered from his or her seasickness within 20 minutes of using it. On another trip several months later again at the Gulf of Mexico, eight people on our boat became sick. Five of the eight had their symptoms relieved by wearing the ReliefBand.

click to enlargeTo learn what makes this watch-like pulsating device stop seasickness for 80 to 85 percent of the people who try it, I interviewed Dan Rutledge of Sugarland, Texas, the vice president of corporate sales for Woodside Biomedical.

Question: What is the ReliefBand?

Answer: The ReliefBand is a medical-technology device that uses electrical nerve stimulation to interfere or disrupt the symptoms commonly associated with motion sickness.

Question: What does the ReliefBand actually do?

Answer: We're not sure what it actually does. Our theory of action is that the transmission of a small, electrical impulse into the nerves in the wrist causes the nerves to fire. We believe that the firing of these nerves creates enough noise in the nervous system to disconnect the stomach and the brain's communication, or essentially block that communication. The stomach never gets the message from the brain that it should be upset and cause nausea and vomiting.

click to enlargeJOHN'S NOTE: When I returned from my first trip to the gulf, the next day my wife became nauseous from a virus that everyone at our office had. Even though she was already vomiting, I put the ReliefBand snugly on her wrist. Immediately she felt the electrical stimulation. Within 20 minutes, she felt better. Then she was able to get up and walk around within another 15 minutes. Although she didn't feel great that day, she still could work on some writing and photography deadlines we had. She kept the ReliefBand turned up to its highest setting for about 6 hours, because every time she turned it down slightly every hour or so she got extremely nauseous once more. But then she slowly reduced its power over another 4-hour period before she turned it off completely and didn't feel nauseous. She's a believer now!

click to enlargeTo learn more about the ReliefBand, write to Woodside Biomedical at 1915 Aston Avenue, Carlsbad, California 92008, (760) 804-6900, or visit the company's webpage at www.reliefband.com.

Tomorrow: Various Settings On The ReliefBand




Check back each day this week for more about The Reliefband--A Wonder Item No Outdoor Person Should Be Without ...

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