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John's Journal... Entry 61, Day 1

Making Grunt Calls

click to enlargeEditor's Note: Brad Harris, of Neosho, Missouri, the vice president in charge of public relations for Outland Sports, the mother company of Lohman's and M.A.D. Calls as well as API tree stands and other outdoor products, has hunted deer avidly for three decades. He knows how to grunt up deer.

Question: Why is the grunt call effective?
Answer: All deer make a grunting sound. Translated into human terms, a grunt means, "Come here. Something's going on."

click to enlargeQuestion: What's the best kind of grunt to make?
Answer: In most calling situations, the best kind of grunt is a simple contact grunt. It's a short, half-second to one-second burst of air that is non-aggressive and basically says, "I'm a deer. Come over here."

Question: When do you grunt?
Answer: I grunt when I see a deer moving through my area that doesn't give me an opportunity for a shot. I also blind grunt, or cast out grunts, throughout the day while I'm on the stand, even when I don't see deer. I throw the grunt out and try to catch a passing buck that I may not know is there. Too, I'll also grunt when I move and still-hunt on the ground. I move a short distance, stop, kneel down, wait a minute or two, give out a series of grunts and then sit and watch. Next I'll cover some more ground and do the same thing. I also grunt when I jump deer. When I move to and from an area and jump a deer, I immediately kneel down, give the deer a minute or so to calm down and start grunting. When I've done that, deer have come back to me many times.

click to enlargeTo learn more about Outland Sport's calls and hunting accessories, call 1-800-922-9034 or visit the company's website at wwwoutland-sports.com.

Tomorrow: Calling Back a Spooked Deer




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