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John's Journal... Entry 72, Day 2

The Importance of Electronics and Cook's Favorite Wintertime Bass-Fishing Places

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Ken Cook quit his job as a fisheries biologist in 1983 to become a professional bass angler. Since then the Meers, Oklahoma, resident has participated in numerous tournaments, including more than 200 BASS events. Currently, he fishes about 18 tournaments a year and stays on the water about 200 days a year.

click to enlargeQuestion: Do you use electronics to aid in your winter bass fishing?
Answer: I always use electronics. I think a quality LCG model with a good pixel count and good detail is crucial to your success as a bass fisherman, particularly since it helps you see what's happening below the surface of the water. I use a Bottom Line unit that has plenty of power and lets me see the detail close to the bottom of the water. Detail of what's beneath the water is so important to your success, especially in the summer and winter when you're offshore and in deeper water.

click to enlargeQuestion: What are some of your favorite spots for catching bass during the winter?
Answer: For the most bass-fishing success in the winter, find lakes that are heated by nuclear power plants. The water is so much warmer in these kinds of places than anywhere else. Too, you'll find the bass more active. I have a couple of favorite wintertime places here in Oklahoma. One is Sooner Lake, which is heated by the local power plant. I also enjoy fishing several spots in Texas where the water is warmer. Other than lakes with nuclear power plants on them, I recommend you fish deep, clear mountain lakes like the Lake of the Ozarks in the winter. You just can't locate bass in muddy, cold water. If the water is clear, you'll have a better chance of pinpointing bass, which is more than half of the game.

Tomorrow: Equipment for Wintertime Bass Fishing




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