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John's Journal... Entry 72, Day 4

Common Wintertime Bassin' Mistakes

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Ken Cook quit his job as a fisheries biologist in 1983 to become a professional bass angler. Since then the Meers, Oklahoma, resident has participated in numerous tournaments, including more than 200 BASS events. Currently, he fishes about 18 tournaments a year and stays on the water about 200 days a year.

Question: What are some of the mistakes you see anglers making in the winter months?
Answer: Many people try to fish too fast. Winter fishing demands a slow, tedious style. Too, many anglers don't spend enough time with their electronics. Finding the right place to fish is very important. You may need to idle two hours to find the right spot. I admit, I'd rather be fishing, too. Idling around looking for a spot isn't the fun part. But, if you want to catch bass, you first have to locate them.

click to enlargeQuestion: What kind of spots can anglers look for to lessen some of this idling time?
Answer: You need to check out all kinds of areas and locate a school of bass on your electronics. Bass hang out in bigger numbers together in the winter. In the winter, you need to stick with vertical fishing in mostly concave areas like riverside bluffs and the deep sides of drop-offs. You'll really be fishing in the same sites as you do in the summer ... just look for the concave rather than the convex spots. When you pinpoint a productive-looking place, slow down, and bring a small lure directly to the bass. And always keep an eye on your electronics.

click to enlargeQuestion: Can you catch big bass in the winter, and if so, how?
Answer: Well, catching big bass in the winter isn't impossible. If you really want to take a bigger cold-weather bass, I suggest that you fish with a larger lure. Try finding some warmer spots, and throw a jig 'n pig. Of course, by a pig, I mean a crawfish impersonator. Find an average-big-sized crawfish but not a huge one. Also experiment with a skirted grub. All in all, to catch a bigger bass in the winter, you'll need to fish the same presentation but upgrade the size of the bait.

Tomorrow: How to Survive Winter-Weather Bass Fishing




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