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John's Journal... Entry 72, Day 5

How to Survive Winter-Weather Bass Fishing

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Ken Cook quit his job as a fisheries biologist in 1983 to become a professional bass angler. Since then the Meers, Oklahoma, resident has participated in numerous tournaments, including more than 200 BASS events. Currently, he fishes about 18 tournaments a year and stays on the water about 200 days a year.

click to enlargeQuestion: What's the key for anglers to having a successful winter bass trip?
: First of all, keep in mind that catching a bass will take you longer in the winter, or at least you'll feel that way because you'll be moving slower. The longer you fish, the more you'll catch. The secret to being successful bass fishing in the wintertime is to keep doing it. Get more experience. Then you'll become a better wintertime bass fisherman each time.

click to enlargeQuestion: Do you have any suggestions on how anglers can make their wintertime bass-fishing trips more enjoyable?
Answer: Yes ... keep warm! Then you can stay on the lake or the river as long as you need to keep on looking for bass in the winter. Dress in layers. You even may try putting a catalytic propane heater in your boat to keep your hands warm.




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