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John's Journal... Entry 89, Day 1

Parrott's Choice of Gun

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Five-time World-Champion turkey caller, Walter Parrott of Fredricktown, Missouri, represents Knight & Hale Game Calls, Mossy Oak Camouflage and Bass Pro Shop's Redhead's Bowhunting Team. Although many states now have ended their turkey-hunting seasons, some seasons still remain open across the U.S.

Question: What type of shotgun do you use to turkey hunt?
Answer: I shoot a Remington 1187 shotgun.

click to enlargeQuestion: Why did you choose this gun?
Answer: I grew up shooting automatic shotguns and particularly Remingtons. I've basically shot them my entire life. They've always functioned well for me.

Question: How do Remingtons compare to other turkey-hunting guns?
Answer: They're moderately priced for a blue-collar worker. The guns are durable, and they shoot well. They're just a fine shotgun.

click to enlargeQuestion: What size shot do you use for this gun?
Answer: I shoot a No. 6 shot with this gun.

Question: Why do you shoot No. 6s?
Answer: Each shotgun will pattern shot sizes differently just because of the way guns are made, but the No. 6 shot is a pretty good all-around shot.

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