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John's Journal... Entry 97, Day 1

Introduction to the Blackpowder Rifle

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Dave Meredith, the PR Director at Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) in Norcross, Georgia, has hunted for more than 52 years, beginning at 8 years of age. Meredith enjoys hunting many species with black powder, particularly the white-tailed deer. He likes hunting with black powder because of the challenge of the sport, being in the woods with few other hunters and participating in a historical way to hunt like his grandparents and great-grandparents did.

Question: What is an inline black-powder rifle?
It's a muzzleloader; the ignition is straight through from the back instead of from a hammer on the side.

click to enlargeQuestion: What makes an inline rifle better than a sidelock rifle?
Answer: You get a little faster ignition with the inline, which is the biggest advantage. Also, the removable breechplug enables you to clean straight through instead of having to use the old soap, water and bucket method.

Question: What gun should a beginning black-powder hunter shoot and why?
Answer: Which gun you shoot depends on how much you want to put into it; you'll spend more money depending on the different features you want. All black-powder guns have the same basic design, but the more you spend, the more bells and whistles you get. We offer a Stag Horn model, which is a very basic inline, for only $129.95.

click to enlargeQuestion: Let's say I buy the basic inline for $129.95. What equipment will I need to shoot it?
Answer: We make a muzzleloading accessory that I recommend to all new shooters that contains everything necessary to shoot and clean the gun except for the cap and the powder. The accessory also comes with an instructional video, which is a big help.

click to enlargeQuestion: What are the functions of some of the pieces of equipment found in the muzzleloading accessory that comes with the gun?
Answer: The function of the bullet starter is to push the bullet part of the way down the barrel. Once the bullet is started in the barrel, you use a ramrod to push the bullet the rest of the way down the barrel on top of the powder. You'll have cleaning patches to clean it with, a capper tool, a cleaning brush and cleaning powders. The second shot preloaders are designed to carry your second shot so you won't have to measure things out; you'll already have it ready to go.

For more information on CVA's quality black-powder rifles, call (770) 449-4687; email cva@info.com; or, see the catalogue online at www.cva.com.

TOMORROW: Safety Tips for Blackpowder Gun Users




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