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John's Journal... Entry 133, Day 1


When and When Not To Move On A Gobbler

EDITOR'S NOTE: Often, when a turkey comes in, you have to move to get off a shot. Although you've set up right, the turkey comes in wrong. Chris Kirby, president of Quaker Boy Calls, and I learned that lesson the hard way while hunting right outside of Orchard Park, New York. Instead of coming along the edge of the field like Kirby predicted, the gobbler came in to the middle of the thicket. To help me get off a shot, Kirby had to turn the gobbler around and march him within 10 feet of me. He accomplished that task by using Quaker Boy's new Gobbler Positioning System call (GPS).

QUESTION: Chris, what do you do when a turkey comes in from an unexpected direction?
ANSWER: First of all, you can get out of position in a number of different ways. Although you set up with the perfect turkey hunt in mind, the turkey can do something to get you out of position. During opening day in New York, while you and I were hunting together, I heard a turkey gobbling in the tree. After I sat down, he flew down to the first ledge of the hill only 50 yards from the truck. When that turkey flew down to that ledge, he started gobbling. He strutted back and forth out on that ledge. We turned in the direction of the sound, and you pointed your gun to the bottom ledge. I didn't think the turkey would walk across the top ledge because the bird could spot the truck from there. I heard the gobbles and felt sure the turkey would show up on the first ledge an easy 25 yards from us. All of the sudden, you swung your gun 45 degrees to the left and pointed it at the crest of the hill. I said, "Can you see that turkey?" You replied, "Yeah, he's 35 yards from us. I moved my gun when the turkey was behind the tree, so he couldn't see me." I didn't have the heart to tell you that you spooked the turkey.

I tell everyone who gets out of position that when a gobbler comes in, wait and think before they move. Many times if you'll just wait, the gobbler will move right to where you want him to come. Think for 5 to 10 seconds before you snap the gun over, make a quick movement or try to stand. Don't panic when things start to go wrong. Don't get over-excited. Don't do anything at all. Just sit there, wait, and let the turkey dictate your next move.

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