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John's Journal... Entry 144, Day 1


Buckhorn Outfitters' Big Deer

EDITOR'S NOTE: Avid deer hunter and experienced guide, Rob Scott of Alma, Georgia, has been working with Buckhorn Outfitters in Greene County, Illinois, for three years. This week Scott shares some of his secrets for finding and taking big bucks and tells us a few of his hunters' best deer-hunting success stories.

QUESTION: Why did you go to Illinois to set up a hunting operation?
ANSWER: Illinois homes numbers of big deer.

QUESTION: What makes the deer so big there?
ANSWER: Nutritious, quality food like soybeans and corn enable the deer to grow to larger sizes. On our hunting operation in Greene County, we have about 7,500 acres -- 3,500 acres devoted solely to soybeans and corn. Age is also a factor in the size of our deer. There's plenty of older-age-class bucks in Illinois.

QUESTION: Why did you decide to get into the outfitter and guiding business?
ANSWER: I have a passion for big deer, and I love white-tailed deer hunting. I've never been much of a turkey hunter, but I love whitetails.

QUESTION: What are the rules for taking a deer with Buckhorn?
ANSWER: Hunters must take a 130-inch buck or better, but I allow a 5-inch leeway. Any buck under 125-inches is a $500 penalty. The average buck taken at Buckhorn Outfitters is about 142 inches.

QUESTION: How many bucks were taken last season?
ANSWER: We had 19 hunters take 12 bucks. Seven deer were taken with bows, three with muzzleloaders and the rest with shotguns.

QUESTION: What's Buckhorn's best deer?
ANSWER: The best deer we've had was 167 inches.

QUESTION: What do you charge for hunts?
ANSWER: A five-day bow hunt is $2,500 per hunter. This hunt is slightly more expensive than most, but I only take six guys in camp per trip. A three-day gun hunt is $3,000 per hunter.

QUESTION: What are the chances of shooting a 130-inch buck or better with a bow or a gun?
ANSWER: With a bow, you've got a 70-percent shot opportunity. With a gun, you've got an 85-percent shot opportunity.

QUESTION: How many bucks will a hunter see on an average hunt with Buckhorn Outfitters?
ANSWER: On a five-day hunt, you'll usually see at least 25 bucks. For more information about Buckhorn Outfitters, contact Rob Scott at (912) 632-8233 or visit www.buckhornoutfitters.com.




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