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John's Journal... Entry 149, Day 1


Buying a Camera

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bob Epstein of River Ranch, Florida, has worked as a professional photographer and outdoor writer for years. He also represents Olympus Cameras. He speaks throughout the nation on how to take better outdoor photographs. This week, Epstein will tell us all how to take better vacation and outdoor photography.

QUESTION: What must you consider when purchasing a camera?
ANSWER: You must ask yourself a number of questions when purchasing a camera to take on vacation.

* Is the camera you are considering purchasing weatherproof?
* Does it have lighting options for the flash?
* Does it have a tripod mount? A tripod will keep the camera still and reduce the chances for blurring the image.
* Does it have a zoom lens?
* What kind of range does it have?
* Does it have macro lens and close-up capabilities? You want to make sure your camera has a macro lens because if it doesn't, you can't take a close-up of an image you may want to photograph. You no longer need different size lenses. Now with most all cameras, particularly Olympus, the zoom lenses have different imaging capabilities. You can use a macro lens to take a close-up picture of a mountain, or you can take a picture of the landscape using the same lens.
* Does the camera have a self timer? A self timer is a good idea because the photographer can get in the picture, especially if you have a tripod. This way you don't have to ask a stranger to shoot your camera and possibly run away with it.
* Does the manufacturer provide a 1-year warranty? Don't buy any extra warranties. You will just waste your money. * Have other photographers given the camera a high rating in magazines? Really check out the reputation of the camera before you purchase it.
* Does the camera feel good in your hands? Don't purchase a camera that is uncomfortable to shoot.
* Are the controls easy to use? You don't want to purchase a camera that is too difficult for you to operate.

In my book "How To Take Your Best Shot With A Point-and-Shoot Camera," I elaborate on all these questions and why you need to ask them. You need to ask yourself these standard questions whether you plan to use the camera on a vacation, a business trip or in every-day life.

For more information on Bob Epstein's book "How To Take Your Best Shot With A Point-and-Shoot Camera," e-mail him at bobepstein@aol.com. The book costs $4.95 with postage included.




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