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John's Journal... Entry 182, Day 5



EDITOR'S NOTE: Eighty-eight-year-old "Whittling" Sim Lovejoy of Springville, Alabama, has made flips for 55 years. His children, grandchildren and extended family get together every year for a traditional, family squirrel hunt using their flips. Today we're talking with John Lovejoy, David Lovejoy's son and Sim's grandson.

QUESTION: John, how did you get into flip hunting?
ANSWER: I've been doing it since I was about eight or nine. It's a tradition. It's the most fun thing I've ever done.

QUESTION: What makes it fun for you?
ANSWER: Just getting together and hunting and watching the dogs. There's nothing like it.

QUESTION: How accurate are you with your flip?
ANSWER: I'm pretty accurate. My dad's more accurate, though. He has more experience than me.

QUESTION: In a day of hunting, how many squirrels can you take?
ANSWER: One or two. I'm still learning.

QUESTION: How many steel balls will you shoot in a day?
ANSWER: Five or 10 pounds -- as many as I can carry.

QUESTION: What's the best you've ever done in a day of flip hunting?
ANSWER: I've been in a group before that took 10 or so. The best I've ever done by myself is three squirrels.

QUESTION: Do you plan to teach your son to shoot a flip?
ANSWER: Yes, it's a tradition. I want to keep it in the family.

QUESTION: Randall Burnett is Lyman Lovejoy's first cousin. Randall, tell me about shooting a rabbit last year with your flip.
ANSWER: It was two years ago -- the last treeing of the day. Jake, my brother, and I went up a hill, several hundred yards. A rabbit popped up and ran 15 yards, and I shot. However, the rabbit ducked under the shot. I said, "Watch this, Mark." I shot again and knocked it out. It was a big swamp rabbit.

QUESTION: Randall, how long have you been shooting with a flip?
ANSWER: Since we were born. You start that way, it's in your blood when you grow up doing it. My son would be here if he weren't going to a party. He's got two flips of his own. If you want to have the most fun ever, get yourself a flip, and hunt squirrels with it.

For more information about flipping, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and note to "Whittling" Sim Lovejoy at 17079 US 411, Springville, Alabama 35146. To contact Lyman Lovejoy, write 11520 US 411 Odenville, Alabama, or call (205) 699-5816.



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