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John's Journal... Entry 183, Day 1


Big-Buck Management

EDITOR'S NOTE: James Woodley is the lodge manager at Heartland Lodge located in west-central Illinois in Pike, Adams and Brown counties. Heartland Lodge uses extreme deer-management strategies to raise monster bucks on the property.

QUESTION: How many deer do hunters take each season here at Heartland Lodge?
ANSWER: Hunters usually take around 30 deer each season. On a good year, they may take close to 40 deer. The deer range from 115 Boone & Crockett points to 200 B&C points and average around 130 B&C.

QUESTION: How many 150 point or better B&C bucks will your hunters take a season?
ANSWER: We'll probably take 15 that score 150 B&C points or better.

QUESTION: Why does this area of the U.S. have so many big deer? Answer: The genetics of the deer contribute to their size. Too, we also have ideal habitat terrain here at Heartland Lodge. We have a lot of edges, timber draws, plenty of food and lots of crops (corn, soybean, alfalfa) since the mineral content in the soil is pretty high. There are a lot of natural minerals here.

QUESTION: What is your rule on deer?
ANSWER: A deer you shoot must be at least an 8 pointer with a 16-inch inside spread. Most of the guys who come out here look for a real trophy buck. They've been saving their money for a couple of years, and many guys won't shoot at anything unless the buck is 150 points B&C or better.

For more information on hunting with Heartland Outfitters, call James Woodley at (217) 773-3003.




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