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John's Journal... Entry 204, Day 1


When Bass go to Roost

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you want to learn more about any subject, you always talk to the experts. George Mayfield is an expert on bass-fishing lakes like Lake Dancy at The Roost.

The rain poured down like water squirted from a garden hose. Most fishermen would have had enough sense to get in out of the rain, but we all buttoned-up our Cabela's rainsuits and kept on fishing. Allen Smith of Birmingham, my nephew Jason Berryhill and I were catching 2- to 4-pound bass on every cast. When bass are biting that good, you can't quit fishing just because you're getting wet. After all, how many chances do you have to catch and release 40 to 50 bass in a day of fishing? You're sure not going to leave them when they're biting just because the rain is coming down.

We caught bass all morning long on the Strike King Micro Mini spinner bait, the Strike King Quad Shad, the Sizmic Sassy Toad and the Rapala Shad Rap. By wearing quality Gore-Tex rainsuits we stayed warm, dry and comfortable.

We were fishing at Lake Dancy at The Roost near Aliceville, Alabama. This new 177-acre lake was heavily stocked with feed-trained bass and bluegills that were more than willing to bite. We could use any type of tackle we wanted to fish with except plastic baits. "We are not going to allow anglers to fish plastic worms or plastic lizards for at least another four years in this lake," George Mayfield, the owner of The Roost explained. "Then the fish won't wise-up to the plastic baits, until they are about 6 pounds or more." The lake had grass, standing timber, brush piles, rock piles and about every other type of cover you could imagine. You could pick your cover and match it with the bait that you liked to fish to catch and release numbers of bass. Private pond fishing for trophy-size and numbers of bass costs $125 per man per day. But you can have the bass-fishing experience of a lifetime.

For more information on fishing The Roost, contact George Mayfield at (205) 373-3174, or write to him at The Roost, P. O. Box 509, Aliceville, Alabama, 35442, or visit his Web site www.theroost.com.




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