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John's Journal... Entry 252, Day 3


Catching Specks and Trout Biddy Style

Editor's Note: Captain Ronnie Biddy, a fisherman for his entire life and today a guide at Hackberry Rod and Gun Club in Hackberry, Louisiana, near Lake Charles, has guided on Lake Calcasieu for 11 years. Today, Biddy will tell us his fish-catching techniques.

Captain Ronnie Biddy has two techniques he likes to use for catching speckled trout and redfish. "I like to fish top-water lures, and I like to fish plastic grubs on lead heads," he explains. "If the plastic doesn't work, I'll fish live shrimp. My favorite plastic grubs include Stanley's Wedge Tails, Bass Assassins, Sand Eels and Cockahoe grubs. I like a 1/4-ounce lead-head jig to put my grubs on. If I have to fish the baits a little faster or a little deeper I may use a 3/8-ounce jig head. I'll fish the jigs on 12-pound-test Trilene Big Game line and I'll tie the jig straight to the end of the line. We fish in 4- to 6-foot deep water, so I like to reel my jig so it just tags bottom three or four times as I bring it in. I try to keep the jig moving fairly quickly. I'll set my drag pretty tight so that I can set the hook, but then if I have a big fish on the line, I'll loosen the drag so I can play the fish into the boat using an All Star rod and Shimano bait-casting reel. I try to cast as far away from the boat as I can so I won't spook the fish."

Another piece of equipment that Biddy uses to keep himself fishing in the right place is a Global Positioning System (GPS). "I mark all the reefs I fish as waypoints on my hand-held GPS receiver. This way when I reach a spot I want to fish, I know the exact location of the oyster bed, and I can fish with more confidence."

To learn more about how to catch more speckled trout, redfish and flounder at Lake Calcasieu or to book a trip, go to www.hackberryrodandgun.com or call (337) 762-3391.

For more information on BassAssassin's lures and accessories, visit www.bassassassin.com. To learn more about Trilene Big Game line or other Berkley fishing products, visit www.berkley-fishing.com. You can learn more about Stanley Jigs' Wedge Tails by visiting www.cabelas.com or www.landbigfish.com. To check out Shimano's bait-casting reels, go to www.shimano.com.




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