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John's Journal... Entry 264, Day 4


The Second 150-Point Buck

Editor's Note: By intensely managing deer for three years, Mark Drury, the creator of M.A.D. Calls and co-owner of Drury Outdoors Adventures saw the 2,100 acres of land he owned and leased go from having few if any shooter deer to producing 150-class bucks. His amazing story demonstrates what quality wildlife management can do for a deer herd when sportsmen willingly invest the time and money to produce better bucks. In 2001, Mark of St. Peters, Missouri, and his brother Terry Drury harvested five bucks that scored 150 or more Boone & Crockett points from property almost completely devoid of deer three years earlier. Could you do this on the lands where you hunt?

The Drury farm borders several other large farms. To keep bucks on his property, Mark Drury has planted a 6-acre green field right on the edge of the property. The Drury brothers had noticed that a number of trails, scrapes and rubs ran from the neighbor's corn patch through a hardwood bottom that contained cottonwood trees. The second morning of gun season in Iowa, the hunters decided to go to this site and hunt from two tree stands they already had erected to look for bucks as they walked out of the neighbor's corn and into the drainage on the Drurys’ property. From where the hunters had put their stands, the deer had to travel about 300 yards from the corn through the woods. On this hunt, Mark Drury planned to take a buck using a muzzleloader.

"Before good shooting light, we could see the buck out in the green field we had planted," Mark Drury says. "The buck had come from the neighbor's corn field to munch on some soybeans. Because we didn't have enough light to video, we waited for the light to get brighter before I decided to take a shot at the buck." When Terry Drury told Mark that he had enough light to produce a good video, Mark aimed his Thompson Center Encore at the buck. Mark shot two 150 and one 30-grain Pyrodex pellet with a 275-grain Parker Hydra-Con bullet. Once the rifle reported, the buck fell.

To learn more about Drury Outdoors Adventures, call (800) 990-9451, or go to www.druryoutdoors.com.






Check back each day this week for more about ZERO- TO 150-BOONE AND CROCKETT POINT BUCKS IN THREE YEARS...

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