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Finding A New Sweetheart Or A New Hunting Camp

Click to enlarge Editor’s Note: I considered losing my first sweetheart to that redneck and the Lake Hollalah Hunting Club to the paper company as two of the most-tragic events of my life. But I did go on to meet a new sweetheart and locate a better hunting lease. And I went through a similar process to find both. From these experiences, I know several things for sure. If you fall in love and lose that love, you can and will love again. If you lose a hunting lease, you can and will find another hunting lease. However, the difficult times come when you don't have a sweetheart or don't have a hunting lease. The following suggestions will help you with your hunt for both.

To meet a new sweetheart, you must talk to people who know numbers of girls, understand their personalities, know what they look like and see potential for you as a couple. When you're searching for a new huntingClick to enlarge club, you need to talk to people who know you, who have acquaintances in other hunting clubs, who have checked-out the quality of hunting at those hunting clubs and who can determine if you'll make a good fit with that hunting club. Or, you can partner with friends and relatives, find land to lease and create your own hunting lease.

Let's look at how to get the information to find land to lease. First, you must cast a big, wide net to learn about all the available land you collectively can purchase or lease. Use these resources to pinpoint hunting lands.
* Contact the Forest Landowners Association. This organization matches hunters with landowners who have land to lease. The Forest Landowner’s Association can be reached by calling (800) 325-2954, writing to P.O. Box 450209, Atlanta, GA 31145, or visit Click to enlarge
* Call or write Mossy Oak Properties, a company that also tries to match up landowners who have property to lease or sell with hunters. Mossy Oak Properties can be reached by calling 1-866-667-2289 or visiting
* Subscribe to "Hunting Lease Magazine." This web database helps hunters sell, lease and buy hunting properties. The subscription costs $16.99 for six months.
* Contact the conservation officer in the county where you want to hunt. He should have a working knowledge of who owns land, who hunts those properties, whether or not you can lease land in his county and from whom you can lease it.
* Talk to a banker in the area where you want to lease property. Bankers usually know landowners, especially landowners who have agriculture and timber on their properties and who willingly may lease the hunting rights to their land.
* Go to the barber shops in the counties where you want to hunt. Talk to the barbers about who has land you can lease or buy and the hunting camps in the county that perhaps you can join. The more rural the area, the more the barber willClick to enlarge know about potential hunting lands.
* Talk to the rural mailmen and daily newspaper carriers. These people go to the houses in the county where you want to hunt. They usually know all the landowners and can give you leads for leasing or purchasing hunting land.
* Contact the veterinarians in a county. Once again, they'll know most of the landowners and can help you find land to hunt.
* Go prospecting close to home. Talk to your friends, neighbors and family members to learn all you can about hunting clubs in the area that you may want to join. To become a member in most good hunting clubs, you'll have to get on a waiting list. You really need to get to become acquainted with the members of that hunting club to make the process go by more quickly. To make sure that you get in the hunting club, the members must know you.
* Read the real-estate ads in the largest newspapers or in your state or the local newspaper in the county where you want to hunt. Look under the "Farms and Lands" section.
* Contact a real-estate agent in the county where you prefer to hunt for information about available lands.


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