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John's Journal... Entry 267, Day 3


Get A New Love To Love You

Editor’s Note: Once you've found a new sweetheart or a new hunting club that you hope to make a part of your life, you have to go through the courting process. Courting involves making someone who doesn't love you and barely knows you want to get to know you better, fall in love with you and decide they can't live without you. The following process will help make that sweetheart or hunting club have to have you.

Click to enlarge* Go to the club's work days and work with and for the members for free. When they ask you why you want to work for nothing, explain, "I wouldn't want you in a club that I belonged to until I got to know you. I'd want to know if you would willingly work to make the club better. I'd want to know how you'd fit in with the other members of the club. I'd wonder whether you would contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the club. I'd also want to get to know you better. And I'm sure that you'd want to know the same things about me before I joined your hunting club. Working together provides the best way for us to get to know each other."
* Become the chef. When you find the club you want to join, ask the president of the club if you can come to the club for a couple of weekends and cook, not hunt. When he asks why you want to cook and not hunt, you can say, "When you taste some of my cooking, you boys will do anything to keep me coming back. And whenever your club has an opening, you'll have my name at the top of the list."
* Look for any and every way to help the prospective club and its members enjoy their hunting club and get to know you better.
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Finding a new sweetheart, a new hunting club to join or new land to lease can prove difficult. However, the more time you spend in choosing the right girlfriend and the right hunting club, the more satisfaction you'll have with both. Don't get in a big hurry to select a girlfriend or a hunting club. Both the girlfriend and the hunting club will have a tremendous impact on your recreational time, your life and your future.

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