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Trio Trophy-Buck Calling – The Shooter & The Rattler

Click to enlarge Editor’s Note: I went to Texas to learn the double-calling technique for calling deer, which could involve two or three hunters. From what I saw and learned, I believe double-calling deer is much more effective than if a single person tries to call deer alone. With this tactic, I believe two or three hunters can see and take twice as many bucks in a day of hunting as one hunter can. In the early days of professional football, one athlete might play both offense and defense and be required to play several different positions on both the offensive and defensive teams. However, as the game developed, teams soon learned that having specialized players at each position on both offense and defensClick to enlargee helped them perform more effectively, score more touchdowns on offense and stop more touchdowns being scored on defense than if one man tried to play two or three positions. From what I saw of double-calling, this philosophy also could be incorporated successfully into deer hunting.

When three hunters go into the woods to take one buck, some sportsmen may feel this is an overkill. However, consider the deer drive when several hunters attempt to move deer into an area where one of many standers can get a shot. The number of hunters required to triple-call bucks is not nearly as important as the fact that this strategy is deadly effective. In one day of hunting in good deer country, all three outdoorsmClick to enlargeen may bag bucks. Let's look at the responsibility each hunter has when they triple-call bucks.

The Shooter:
This sportsman's sole responsibility is to see the buck, look for a clearing in the woods where he can take the buck, prepare for the shot and when the buck steps into an opening, deliver the bullet. This hunter can focus all his attention on making the accurate shot.

The Rattler:
The sportsman responsible for rattling in the buck with rattling antlers must get the buck's attention and cause him to start moving toward the stand where the three hunters sit. Rattling antlers can be heard at much greater distances than the grunt call can. The antlers provide a long-range calling implement the hunter can use to make contact with Click to enlargethe buck that often may be 1/4- to 1/2-mile away. Since most bucks will come to a fight, rattling antlers can be especially effective during the breeding season. However, as most hunters have learned, bucks often will clash antlers from the time they come out of the velvet and begin to spar until the end of the breeding when they shed their antlers. Therefore, rattling antlers can be used to lure in deer from long range throughout the length of deer season in most states.



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