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Trio-Trophy Buck Calling - The Grunter

Click to enlarge Editor’s Note: I went to Texas to learn the double-calling technique for calling deer, which could involve two or three hunters. From what I saw and learned, I believe double-calling deer is much more effective than if a single person tries to call deer alone. With this tactic, I believe two or three hunters can see and take twice as many bucks in a day of hunting as one hunter can. In the early days of professional football, one athlete might play both offense and defense and be required to play several different positions on both the offensive and defensive teams. However, as the game developed, teams soon learned that having specialized players at each position on Click to enlargeboth offense and defense helped them perform more effectively, score more touchdowns on offense and stop more touchdowns being scored on defense than if one man tried to play two or three positions. From what I saw of double-calling, this philosophy also could be incorporated successfully into deer hunting.

The grunt tube produces an effective call to lure in bucks that may be 100 yards or less from the caller. As most sportsmen know, you can use the grunt call to say many different things to a buck. When used in conjunction with the rattling antlers, the grunt call simulates a buck fight much better than only using the antlers. As deer fight, they often grunt. Also in between the actual clashing of antlers, deer mClick to enlargeay grunt either as a sign of aggression or a sigh of relief after the battle is over. To date I don't believe any wildlife scientist has conclusively determined why deer grunt or what they say when they grunt. But most biologists agree that the sound of deer grunting often will call in bucks. Another unique advantage the grunter brings to the trio of callers is that if a buck begins to walk away before the shooter can take the shot, the grunter often will stop the buck's retreat. If the buck walks away from the sound of the rattling antlers, many times grunting can pull him back in to the shooter. If the buck is too close to rattle because he may spot the movement of the antlers and the hunter, then the grunt call solves this problem too.

By combining grunting and rattling, the sportsmen offer a double-barreled approach to deClick to enlargeer calling. With two callers working together to maneuver the deer into position for the shooter, the chances of getting a good, clean shot are much better. "Other than all these reasons I believe that three people can have more fun deer hunting than either one or two can," Haydel said. "Determining calling techniques, where to set up, when to call, when to shoot and enjoying the thrill of a successful hunt can be much more fun if you have two buddies, and you all share the experience. Besides when you go three-on-one for a buck, you also have two more backs and double the number of arms and legs to help drag the deer back to your vehicle."



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