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Trophy Leaf 4-pack

Trophy Leaf 4-packThe Trophy Leaf 4-pack by Wildlife Research Center, a scented dispenser offering unique and critical advantages to the deer hunter, uses scent to attract wildlife or mask human scent. Available in a variety of scents, the design of these scent dispensers look like leaves to better blend in with the natural environment. The clasps on the dispensers, which come in 4-packs, allow you to hang them from branches or twigs.

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Quik-WikThe Quick-Wik by Wildlife Research Center, an innovative new product, provides a small yet powerful way to have maximum scent dispersal when hunting deer. Prior to your hunt, preload the Quik-Wik by dipping the wick down into the bottle of your preferred scent. Then, let the soaked wick fall back into the Quik-Wik container, and screw on the airtight cap. At your stand location, remove the seal from the Quik-Wik exposing the wick. Attach the cap to the Velcro dot on the front of the Quik-Wik for added convenience. Hang the Quik-Wik about 5 feet above the ground for the best scent dispersal. The blaze orange color makes spotting the Quik-Wik from your stand site easy and also can double as a yardage marker. After the hunt, retrieve the Quik-Wik, let the wick fall back into the container, and replace the airtight cap to preload the Quik-Wik for your next hunt.

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Scent-KillerRutgers University conducted a test on Scent Killer, made by Wildlife Research Center, and found it 99% effective at stopping human odor. Hunters particularly enjoy using the Scent Killer Quart/4-ounce Combo size, which comes with a filled 4-ounce camouflaged field bottle and a one-quart bottle to refill it, for a total of 36 ounces. You can apply Scent Killer to clothing days or weeks before using it, and the product will last for days of hunting.

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Climb-OnThe Climb-On, a high-performance hunting cushion made by Hunt Comfort, has taken the outdoor market by storm. Designed to conquer one of the most-annoying hardships of hunting - sitting still for an extended time - the Climb-On makes this a problem of the past. Easy to carry around, the Climb-On fits perfectly in climbing seats, nets and lock-on stands. With its Snap Adapt System, the Climb-On sets up quickly and easily. The water-proof cushion has custom-designed fabrics to stretch and conform to your body ensuring superb resting comfort.

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Viz Wiz Lens Cleaner and Wipes

Viz Wiz Lens CleanerViz Wiz Lens WipesYou’ll find more uses for Viz Wiz Lens Cleaner and Wipes by Birchwood Casey than you’ve ever thought possible. You can clean both plastic and glass lenses (coated and uncoated) on eyeglasses, scopes, binoculars, cameras and other optics. Specially formulated to prevent exterior fogging and repel dust, dirt and lint, the Viz Wiz also makes CDs and DVDs play better after running the wipes over them. The lens cleaner comes in a 2-ounce spray bottle and individual foil-packed wipes. When you use the wipes, you’ll find each treated with the correct amount of solution so you won’t need a separate cloth for drying your lenses. Using Viz Wiz also prevents scratches that occur from using a dry cloth.

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Coleman Company

Well known internationally for its innovative, high-quality camping products, the Coleman Company has designed some new products that consumers will want to have in their homes in case of bad weather, loss of electricity as well as for tornado and hurricane weather. Here’s a look at a few of these products.

The Fold ‘N Go Stove
Coleman Fold 'N Go StoveColeman Fold 'N Go StoveA two-burner portable stove that’s 25% more compact than traditional two burners, has the power and performance associated with Coleman cook stoves. But you’ll find it easy to carry and stow. This stove has different settings and offers versatile cooking options. Too, you can store the stove’s attachments inside the stove when closed and attach to the back while in use. Thanks to the new InstaStart Electronic Ignition system, you’ll never need matches to light this stove.
InstaStart Propane Oven
Coleman InstaStart Propane OvenThe new, fully self-contained, portable InstaStart Propane Oven by Coleman features a large inside capacity that means outdoor chefs can bake with standard 13x9-inch pans. You can set the temperature of the oven up to 450 degrees, and with the glass-viewing window on the front, people can check the doneness of their dishes. A wire-rack inside offers convenient level-changes, and a crumb tray helps for easy cleaning.
The Water-Activated WaterBeams
Coleman WaterBeam SpotlightColeman WaterBeam FlashlightHand-held flashlights and spotlights campers, fishermen and boaters will enjoy, float when dropped into the water and also turn on automatically for quick and easy retrieval.

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