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RoadTrip Heat ‘N Serve Slow Cooker

RoadTrip Heat ‘N Serve Slow CookerColeman’s new propane-powered RoadTrip Heat ‘N Serve Slow Cooker is free of electric cords and wall sockets. It’s Powered by convenient, disposable 16.4-ounce propane cylinders, the slow cooker offers many options for cooking and serving outdoors. With it’s 6-quart capacity, there’s plenty of room to cook and hold your favorite recipes. The transparent lid lets you view the contents, and the lid also locks into place for easy transportation. The propane burner features Coleman InstaStart Electronic Ignition technology for matchless lighting. Whether you camp or not, this Coleman Slow Cooker also will help your family during bad weather and electricity brown outs.

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Pinnacle Lantern

Pinnacle LanternColeman’s new Pinnacle Lantern provides users with an easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean and store lantern that’s the brightest Coleman propane lantern available. Storing properly requires only an easy three-step process and protects the lantern for convenient transportation and storage. This lantern also runs on Coleman’s battery-powered push-button InstaStart electronic ignition for easy, dependable match-free lighting.

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Cool Zephyr Fans

Cool Zephyr Ceiling FanCool Zephyr Window FanColeman has two new products that may change the fan world, a fan you can place on your tent window. Its design allows the fan to attach and stay on your window without damaging the tent’s mesh. When placed inside the tent, it moves fresh air in; when placed on the outside, it moves air out. This strongest fan in the Coleman line-up moves 200-cubic feet of air per minute and the fan operates on 4 D-cell batteries. The Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan with Light has a regular light and a subtle night light and it moves 100-cubic feet of air per minute for a refreshing breeze. Designed to hang from the ceiling of the tent, this fan attaches either to the included magnet or to the tent’s gear loops. This fan also runs on 4 D-cell batteries.

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Select Estrus Combo

Select Estrus ComboThe Wildlife Research Center has combined two great products, the #1 Select Estrus with the Quik-Wik. #1 Select Estrus features natural whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions and a secret musk for increased drawing power. The Quick-Wik comes with a patented rain-shedding design and a special felt material for increasing the scent. This unique felt won’t react with the scent and change the smell.

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Scent Free Secrets

Scent Free SecretsThe Wildlife Research Center has produced this new book titled, “Scent Free Secrets” to explain how to reduce the quantity of human odor produced to help whitetail hunters become more successful. If you can reduce the amount of human odor to low-enough levels, deer won’t notice or react to that odor which can have a huge impact on hunting.

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