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Mac Daddy Call

The new Mac Daddy call is a bugle and cow call in one package. It’s so easy to operate even beginners can use it. The deep and rich sounds make hunting a breeze. To alter the sound, you make just change the amount of pressure applied on the plunger while blowing the call. You can make a noise from a deep bugle to a nasal cow call. The call is available with a mini-or a large-sized grunt tube for bugling.

For more information, visit Hunters Specialties.

Wildview Digital Scouting Camera

This 3.0 megapixel camera is easy to use because the camera settings are controlled by 5 toggle switches. There is one switch for mode of operation (on, off or test), one switch for time of delay between photos (1, 5, 10 or 20 minutes), and one switch for technology, which allows for continuous captures (1P/2P/3P/AVI Mode), and another switch for flash (Auto/Off). The 16 MB holds 8 high-resolution photos, 12 pictures at the 1.3 MP setting, or 2 video clips. The memory can be expanded by adding an SD card. The time and date are on every image. The camera runs on 4 C batteries or 12V rechargeable. The camera includes a USB port, USB cable, CD driver for Windows, and a tree-attachment camera strap.

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HotHands Heated Watch Caps

The new HotHands heated Watch Caps from Heatmax provide sportsmen with added warmth and protection in extremely-cold weather. Two knit and one fleece model are available. The knit caps come in black or blaze orange, and the fleece version is available in Mossy Oak New Break-Up camo. All three caps feature built-in pockets over the ears that hold a pair of HotHands-2 Warmers for up to 10 hours of continuous warmth. Each cap comes with a free pair of HotHands-2 Warmers.

For more information, visit HeatMax

Optronics Subermsible LED Fishing Lights

The new Optronics Modular LED Fish-N-Lite takes fish-attracting green illumination to new levels, literally. The light comes with two tubular-shaped modules: a power module and an extension module. Each module feature eight ultra-bright green LEDs, four on each end and a fluted reflector in the middle. The reflector dispenses green light in all directions. It comes with a 20-foot power cord that works with an 12-volt battery. It’s easily taken apart for carrying and storing.

For more information, visit Optronics

Ameristep Team RealTree Ladder Stand

The Team RealTree Buck Buster 18’ Ladder Stand features an ultra-hide design that completely disguises and camouflages the hunter in his environment. Set-up and takedown are accomplished in a matter of only minutes with its lightweight and durable engineered design. The stand has padded camo arm rests and shooting rail, detachable shelf for keeping gear in close reach, custom fit camo enclosure for added concealment, and sling style seating for close proximity to the tree.

For more information visit Ameristep

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