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Horn Hunter Mainbeam XL Backpack

Sportsman's OutdoorsThe Mainbeam XL Backpack is like the original except it adds a 1000-cubic-inch cargo compartment, 5 more pockets, dual suspension frame, side panel access and the ability to haul a boned-out deer and cape. The pack has 25-separate compartments to organize your gear, a unique air flow belt, gear grippers for your gun or bow, a removable orange safety wrap, 3 hydration locations, quiet zip slides, a removable organizer, and a bungee cord tie down. I’ve used mine for several hunts out West and particularly like it for duck hunts.

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BigFoot Bag

BigFoot BagThe BigFoot Bag is known for its ability to adapt to an assortment of needs by opening flat as a ground cloth or tarp and zipping up into one of the most multi-functional utility bags ever designed. The entire BigFoot line includes the BigFoot Cargo Bag, in reinforced vinyl, for heavy-duty, weather-resistant applications; the BigFoot Camo Bag, in 600x600 denier polyester with Realtree Hardwoods HD®, for hunting applications; the BigFoot Gear Bag, in 600x600 denier polyester, for all around camping and sports activities; and the BigFoot Yard Bag, in woven UV treated polypropylene with PE laminate, for yard maintenance. I use mine to transport shrubs and gardening supplies as well as keep all my camping supplies together.

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CopperTect Gun Case

CopperTectCopperTectBirchwood Casey’s new line of CopperTect™ gun sleeves and cases offer long-lasting, built-in rust protection. The innovative Intercept Technology®, a special copper lining that prevents rust and blocks mildew for 20 years, allow sportsmen worry-free, long-term storage of expensive firearms. Interceptâ is free of volatile chemicals and is environmentally safe. The CopperTect preservation sleeves and padded cases are available for rifles, shotguns and handguns. The gun cases feature a tough non-absorbent 600 D polyester exterior with 10mm of closed-cell foam padding and will also float guns weighing up to 12 pounds. The preservation sleeves offer an inexpensive way to safely store all of your firearms and accessories. Their thin compact size lets them fit easily into gun safes, hard-sided cases, or even original firearm boxes..

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Camp Casey Sanitizing Hand Towels and Spray

Sanitizing Hand TowelsCamp Casey™ Sanitizing Hand Towels and Spray are the perfect take-along items for campers, hunters, travelers or anyone who spends time in the outdoors where soap and water may not be readily available.The convenient 8” x 5” hand towels come sealed in individual packets so they never dry out. The sanitizer kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria. The 2-ounce spray contains the same formula as the towels. The sanitizer dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue or odor. The towels and spray work great for removing dirt, lead, grease, and bacteria.

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Shoot-N-C Deer Silhouette Kit

Deer Silhouette KitThe new Shoot-N-C Deer Silhouette Kit gives hunters a realistic, fun and educational way to sight in their guns. Each kit contains a 24” x 46” corrugated deer silhouette and two self-adhesive 12” Shoot-N-C deer vital targets with target repair pasters for extended shooting life. Shoot-N-C targets, with instant feedback technology, leave a bright neon green ring around each bullet impact, making it easy to see your shot. The deer vital targets clearly outline a deer’s internal organs in relation to its body to help hunters understand where to properly aim for an effective shot. Twelve-inch Shoot-N-C Vital Targets are also available separately in a 5-sheet pack for use with the deer silhouette, or by themselves.

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