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MTM Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest

MTMThe Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest is MTM's first recoil-reduction rest. With the growing popularity of magnum caliber rifles, heavy recoil can be a real pain. To address this issue, MTM has made a 4-point, flexible base, shooting rest designed to ease the shoulder punishment of sighting-in powerful magnum rifles. By utilizing the integrated recoil-reduction sling, shooters can relax and shoot more comfortably, knowing they’ll feel less recoil from the gun. The recoil reduction sling does not have to be used with lighter caliber rifles.

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Ameristep Intimidator Ground Blind

AmeristepThe INTIMIDATOR BLIND offers the ultimate concealment and protection in a Hub-Style design, adding new dimension to the hunting experience. ShadowGuard-enhanced lining eliminates shadows and silhouettes. The NS³ MICRO-TECH fabric eliminates shine and all excess noise. The only Hub-Style with a removable floor, this blind comes with a noise-free magnetic window curtain, a reflective orange safety system, a shelf for keeping gear in close reach, 8 replaceable shoot-through windows and stakes with high-wind tie-down ropes.

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Winchester Low Recoil Shotgun Ammunition

WinchesterThe Winchester Low Recoil Shotgun Ammunition is designed for shooters who are looking for target and hunting loads with reduced recoil. Winchester Ammunition introduces its line of WinLite Low Recoil Shotgun Ammunition, including12- and 20-gauge target loads; a 12-gauge buck shot load; and two 12-gauge slug loads. The new 12-gauge buck shot load in the WinLite line uses 9 pellets of size 00 in a 2 ¾” load. The muzzle velocity is 1, 125 feet per second. This reduced recoil load will be a good choice for practice and for a variety of hunting applications. Also available in the WinLite line are both a rifled slug load and a Platinum Tip Hollow Point Sabot load in 12 ga. 2 ¾” rounds with up to ½ the normal recoil. WinLite takes the bite out of firing shotgun slugs. The WinLite rifled slug load uses a 1-ounce Foster-style slug, offering a muzzle velocity of 1, 200 feet per second. The reduced recoil load will be a good choice for hunters wanting to practice with their slug gun or who want less recoil in the field. This load is tailored for smoothbore shotguns.

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Buck Kicker Call by Woodswise

Buck Kicker CallThe Buck Kicker Call by Woodswise has a revolutionary design and features aggressive and loud buck grunts, demanding hot doe bleats, convincing lost contact calls, and sizzling snorts and sniff wheezes. It has an adjust-a-tone feature in which you can pre-select the pitch of the instrument, a snort chamber and a megaphone to amplify the call for greater aggression and realism.

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Hunter’s Specialties Butt-Out Deer Dresser

The Hunter’s Specialties Butt-Out Deer Dressing tool is the fastest and easiest way to disconnect the anal alimentary canal from the derriere of deer or similar-sized game. It allows hunters to remove the anal canal on big game without contaminating the meat, or risk getting cut while trying to use a knife while performing the operation.

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