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Scent-Tite Blind

The SCENTite Outfitter Condo Blind has 45-square feet of floor space, more than 6 feet of center ceiling height and six hinged, easy-open Plexiglas windows measuring 10” X 30” to give hunters plenty of room to move around and excellent visibility in all directions to spot — and bring down — their quarry. Its spacious design makes it ideal for outfitted groups, hunting families or even physically-challenged hunters. With all the room it provides for cameras, binoculars and gear, the SCENTite Outfitter Condo Blind is also a great “hideout” for naturalists and outdoor photographers. It’s even roomy enough for an overnight stay for two people and their gear — yet it weighs only 310 pounds fully assembled. The SCENTite Outfitter Condo is made with a tough, completely weatherproof high-density polyethylene shell that is lightweight and virtually maintenance free. Its through-bolted design and interlocking corners create a solid, quiet and sturdy structure that stands up to heavy use. SCENTite uses a pressure-treated plywood floor that is carpeted for all-weather comfort and noise absorption. Hunters enter the SCENTite Outfitter Condo Blind through a horizontal, piano-hinged door with lockable door handle. The company’s five-year limited shell warranty is the outfitter’s assurance of rugged performance in the field for years to come.

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Morrell Target's 3-D Bionic Series

When you are tired of buying overpriced midsections for your old foam 3-D target, try Morrell’s Bionic 3-Ds. They last longer, offer easy arrow removal and cost less to maintain than even the cheapest 3-D targets. Rather than buying solid-foam 3-Ds, get a Morrell Bionic 3-D because they last up to 5 times longer, have a 1 finger arrow removal, and have a $10 replacement cover, not $60-$70 midsection to replace.

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Do-All Outdoors Flight Proof Guncase

Do-All Outdoors announces the release of their Flight Proof Gun Cases. These heavy-duty cases are built to withstand everything that comes their way. How many people are worried to hand over their gun cases to baggage handlers? Picture this, you fly across the globe to go on a dream hunt. You get there and out comes your case with a hole in the lid, handles broken off and half a hinge left. This image has been the inspiration for the construction of these cases unlike any other. One of the most-important features on the cases is that everything is recessed. The handles flex to comfortable 90-degree angles and are spring loaded. When you let go of the handle, it will pop back into its recessed place, out of the way and safe. The recessed chrome bi-position butterfly latches are strong and also spring loaded. Each corner is covered by a durable chrome ball held in a by 3 prong six rivet industrial anchor. The case is lined with double anchor industrial rivets to secure all hardware for maximum durability. Every case has tongue-and-groove construction for a heavy-duty locking fit; sealed tight to keep the grunge out. On the bottom of the case are rubber feet attached with heavy-duty bolts and t-nuts to protect them. There are also low-profile wheels to provide easy transport.

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Smooth Talker

One phone call can make the difference in your getting a job or having to stand in the unemployment line. Too, your ability to promptly return phone calls can make the difference in how much business your company accumulates. If there’s a difficulty at home, one phone call can solve the problem. When you have deadlines to meet and you’re out of town, one phone call can mean the difference in success or failure.
Our society has become very mobile, and most of us find the need for communication so critical that few of us can function in daily life without our cell phones. However, when you’re totally out of cell phone range, you can’t hunt, fish, camp or hike as worry-free as you will if you know you’ll have cell phone service when you return to the lodge or the camp at the end of the day. I’ve discovered a unique product - the Smooth Talker, a cell phone booster. Because the Smooth Talker increases the range of my cell phone by 60 miles, I no longer have to worry about my family or my business while I’m out in areas with no cell phone service. The Smooth Talker keeps me in touch. The numerous problems this winter with people being stranded in snow while traveling and climbing mountains reinforce just how much we all need Smooth Talkers.

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Adventure Medical Kits

The new survival blanket from Adventure Medical Kits is made for two people. Survival and first-aid instructions are printed directly on the blanket so that you will have them when you need them. The blanket also features a bright orange stripe…an easy-to-spot universal distress color for rescue. This blanket reflects up to 90% of radiated body heat and is easy to open and fold, quiet, tear resistant and easy to pack. The new Bivvy is ideal for those occasions when you take a wrong turn and are forced to spend the unexpected night out. Like the blanket, it also reflects up to 90% of radiated body heat. The new alcohol-free instant sanitizing foam will help keep your entire family healthy while camping or traveling and helps prevent diarrheal illness by using before preparing food or eating.

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