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Rifle Cam by Rifle Electronics

The Rifle Cam Video Camera Mount by Rifle Electronics lets big game hunters relive the thrill of the hunt again and again. Perhaps the only thing more challenging than making that perfect shot is describing the thrill of the hunt to friends and family when you get back home. Unless they could somehow see what you saw – that noble 8-point buck slowly emerging from the brush and stopping to sniff the air just long enough for you to draw a bead – words alone rarely do the scene justice.
Now words alone don’t have to tell the tale. This unique camera mount is designed to work with any standard riflescope, allowing sportsmen to record their hunts exactly as they unfold. The Rifle Cam works with all modern cameras or DVD recorders. The Rifle Cam also can be used to mount laser range finders to existing riflescopes, helping you become a more accurate and effective hunter.

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Toasty Feet by Polar Wrap

Polar Wrap’s new product Toasty Feet, developed by NASA, is sure to keep you warm this season. Toasty Feet shoe insoles help your feet stay warm, using breakthrough technology developed for use in spacesuits. The advanced nanoporous material in Toasty Feet has the highest thermal insulation value of any solid material available today, allowing it to retain heat efficiently, while remaining light and thin enough to fit comfortably in almost any shoe or boot.

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HOOT ETVs by Knox Outdoors Products

The HOOT ETV is a new concept in power sports, revolutionizing the management of extreme off road conditions. Produced by Knox Outdoor Products, this Extreme Terrain Vehicle (ETV) is an upgrade of a traditional 4-wheeler in terms of its agility on land and water as well as its dependability and safety.
The patented feature of the HOOT is a drive system that eliminates the need for a traditional transmission. The skid steering incorporates a proprietary technology where handlebars, not a standard lever, applies the braking pressure. The skid steer mechanism creates a near zero turn radius, resulting in unparalleled maneuverability in and around trees. This same system also makes belt changes a snap and components easy to locate and repair.
The six wheels increase safety and stability on land and in water. Whether the destination is a duck hunt on flooded property or an ice-fishing trip, this amphibious vehicle helps keep the rider out of harm’s way. With its 6-wheel drive and 15 additional safety features, it climbs steep banks and fallen timber with ease, increasing access to the backcountry.

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Hybrid Wading Jacket from Cabela's

The combination of elements you've been looking for in a wading jacket comes together in the new Hybrid Wading Jacket from Cabela’s. The protection of Cabela’s most advanced proprietary fabrics covers the upper body, transitioning smoothly to a lower half specifically designed to fit comfortably under all types of chest waders. The nylon shell on the upper half of the jacket is made with 100% waterproof Dry-Plus and lightweight, abrasion-resistant materials with lower of 400-gram WindShear fleece. The jacket also boasts a dual-level insulation system containing 150-gram Thinsulate Insulation in the chest and upper portions and 400-gram fleece in the lower half for incredibly low bulk. Four zip-closed front pockets include two over-the-wader handwarmer pockets at the chest, a rubber sling-keeper pads on the shoulders, a three-piece attached hood with crown adjustment and a wide temple area for increased peripheral vision.

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Denver's Sting Stopper

Millions of people world-wide have one thing in common; they have had, or will have some type of stinging, biting insects leave a welt, an itch or worse. Denver’s patented “Sting Stopper” stops the itch, burn and pain of all kinds of biting and stinging insects, as well as jellyfish stings, and it does it fast. Anyone can use this product to relieve the misery of the after-bite of wasps, bee’s, red ants, black flies, mosquitoes and many other stinging and biting flying species such as scorpions.


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