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Night Hawk Stories... Entry 5

The Second Love of Wilson's Life - The Carolina Po' Boy Muzzleloaders Club

click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Jerome Wilson, a master machinist and one of the last real craftsmen left in our society, has built black-powder rifles since 1943.

Because of his passion for building and shooting muzzleloaders and black-powder rifles, Jerome Wilson wanted a place for himself and all his friends to shoot. This world still has some people who get joy from seeing others use and appreciate the things they have or build. Jerome Wilson has built his own clubhouse, making all the hinges and metal parts for the club by hand. He also has built bench rests, sheds, targets, backstops and all the components that make a top-notch shooting range. He and his friends now shoot on weekends. The Carolina Po' Boy Muzzleloaders Club has a shoot every other Sunday, and once every three years Wilson's facility hosts the state muzzleloading championship for South Carolina.

QUESTION: From how far away do shooters come to shoot at your range?

ANSWER: We've had shooters from as far away as Moorhead, Kentucky; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Tampa, Florida.

click to enlargeQUESTION: Why did you decide to build the range?

ANSWER: I wanted a place to shoot my rifle, and I already had the land in my family. I liked the location, and our shooting didn't seem to bother anybody. We're so far back in the woods here that we can shoot cannons or almost anything else without causing problems for others.

QUESTION: Besides cannon and black-powder rifle shooting, what other events do you have at your shoots?

ANSWER: We also throw knives and tomahawks.

click to enlargeQUESTION: How often do you have shoots?

ANSWER: We have club shoots on the second Sunday of every month, and anyone who wants to can come and shoot with us. We invite anybody who likes to shoot black powder to come visit and shoot with us.

Talk to Wilson about old rifles and how he handcrafts them by contacting him at 812 Water Street, Allendale, South Carolina 29810, or calling 803-584-3163.

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