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Writing...Entry 1-Day 5


Bill Winke, an outdoor writer who lives in Michigan, goes to work in the outdoors daily -- hunting and fishing for a living.

Question: What's in the future for Bill Winke? Where is freelance writing going, and what's the future for someone coming into the business?

Answer: For sure, writers will have start focusing on the internet. Too many people are focusing on video so they can get to be in the outdoors. When you do video, you can be a script writer and present tips. But it's a small market compared to the internet market. Learning just as much as you can about how the internet works and how businesses transact on the internet is the key. There's enormous potential for content to be provided to internet sites. Many of the commerce sites also feature on-line magazines, which helps these sites build a virtual community. They realize people are coming to their sites for reasons other than to buy, and they bring those people to their sites by creating a community through a magazine. They need content that has to be regularly updated. Understanding the process of presenting information on the internet is becoming important, and opportunities within the industry of having a website with syndicated content is becoming the future. There will also always be a good market with print magazines. They are handy, easy to carry and transport, and very visible. The internet is far away from being that accessible on an every day basis. I don't think print magazines will ever go away.

Check back each day this week for more from Bill Winke...