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Beating the January White-Tailed Deer Blues

When to Hunt Big Bucks in January

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Several states enjoy deer hunting that lasts until the end of January, particularly some of the southern states. But deer hunters often find huntingClick to enlarge miserable during most of the month of January because the deer know more about you than you do about them. The deer know ...
* what time you go hunting,
* what time you break for lunch,
* when you'll return to the woods,
* where you've located your tree stands,
* where you hunt most often,
* where you seldom hunt,
* how and where to get you to waste your time hunting, so they can go on with their daily routines. To sum the situation up, the deer have psyched you out and outsmarted you. However, if you think outside the box (or blind), there’s still time for you to bag a quality buck. Click to enlarge

John Frank of Rubio, Iowa, has established with his TrailMaster cameras the importance of moon phase as it influences deer movement. According to Frank, "When I'm hunting deer or sheds, I make notes as to the time of day when I spot deer moving. Then, when I get home, I check the phase of the moon to attempt to learn on what moon phase bucks move most during daylight hours." From keeping very-detailed notes, Frank has learned Click to enlargethat, "Deer move the most when the moon is directly overhead or directly under your feet. From personal observation and from using my trail cameras, I've found that the first quarter of the moon going into the full moon is the best time during October and November and often December to see big deer moving during daylight hours. I get the most photographs of bucks at nighttime on the full moon."

Tomorrow: How to Fool January’s White-Tailed Bucks

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