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Hunting Squirrels with Calls and Dogs

How to Buy a Squirrel Dog

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Many states continue their small-game seasons through February and even further. This week we’ll be discussing squirrel hunting.Click to enlarge

I personally believe everyone needs a squirrel dog. Families particularly will enjoy hunting with a dog since they don't have to sit still or be quiet. When you hunt with a squirrel dog, you can walk through the woods, talk with your friends and family and have the opportunity to shoot many times when the dog trees. But you won't find locating and buying a good squirrel dog an easy task. To buy a squirrel dog you'll enjoy, first go to the owner's home. Test the dog in the woods. Don't buy any squirrel dog until you've seen it hunt, you know for certain the dog can tree a squirrel, and you decide you want to spend your time in the woods with that specific squirrel dog. If you have a dog you think may have the potential of a Click to enlargecrackerjack squirrel dog but don't want to spend too much time and money working with the dog, contact Williams, who conducts a squirrel-dog testing program. "I have a pen in my woods with trees inside it that has squirrel feeders on the sides of the trees," Williams explained. "The squirrels come into the pen area to get to the feeders. If the dog sees the squirrels, chases the squirrels and barks on the tree, then you have a dog that may become a Click to enlargesquirrel dog. However, if that dog within a month doesn't show any interest in chasing a squirrel, then more than likely that dog will never be a squirrel dog." Once you've located a dog, go, and try out that dog. Even if you like the sport and decide to purchase a dog, you probably won't discover a dog that hunts all the species like my 'ole Butch. But you may find a feist just as good at treeing and taking bushytails as Butch.

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