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How to Catch Bass in November with Mark Davis

Day 5: Bass Pro Mark Davis Tells Us Why to Fish a Jerkbait in November

Editor’s Note: Bass Pro Mark Davis of Mt. Ida, Arkansas, won the Bassmaster Classic in 1995 and has had five first-place finishes and 44 top-10 finishes. To help you catch fish this month, Davis shares how he catches bass in November.

Click for Larger ViewDuring November, I prefer fishing the suspending model of the Strike King Wild Shiner jerkbait over the floating model. To fish this bait, I use a 6-foot, medium-action rod with a bait-casting reel. I use either 10- or 12-pound test line. I try to make long casts across main lake points on windy days when the water is relatively clear. Click for Larger ViewI try to catch the bass that are suspended around those main lake points. These bass feed on shad, and the Wild Shiner is a great shad imitator and comes in many colors.

Click for Larger ViewIn clear water, I like to fish the shad-colored BleedingBait Series. White, gray and green seem to produce best for me. If the water is a little stained, I may choose a chartreuse color. I fish the Wild Shiner in water that is 5 feet or deeper. I give the bait four or five jerks to get it down to the depth I want to fish it. Once I get the bait down to the desired depth, I jerk it two or three times, then pause the bait and let it sit still. I like to fish the Wild Shiner when the water temperature is 60 degrees or below. Click for Larger ViewThe colder the water gets, usually the slower I’ll fish the Wild Shiner. One advantage to using the Wild Shiner is that you can fish this lure all winter. The colder the weather gets, the longer you let the Wild Shiner sit before you move it. Although you can fish the Wild Shiner around cover like boat docks, laydowns and brush piles, I have found it most effective out on main river points when fishing for suspended bass.

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