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Stock Your Lake with the Best-Biting Bass, Crappie, Catfish and Bluegills

Day 2: How to Grow Man-Eating Tiger Bass Faster with Perfect Pond Plus Fertilizer

Editor’s Note: Don Keller and Barry Smith are two research fishery scientists who have developed the Perfect Pond Plus fertilizer for fish and the man-eating Tiger Bass.

Click for Larger ViewQuestion: Don, what is a perfect pond?

Keller: Most people consider a perfect pond a body of water that has large numbers of adult bluegills and a very-good fishery for bass that weigh 3 pounds or more.

Click for Larger ViewQuestion: What does Perfect Pond Plus fertilizer do to create that perfect pond?

Keller: Perfect Pond Plus increases the total production of fish in your pond. Perfect Pond Plus has the same results on a pond or a lake that a well-fertilized garden has on the plants you grow. Fertilizing the pond starts increasing the food chain that the fish in that pond need to grow big and healthy. Perfect Pond Plus causes the water to turn a green color, which is actually phytoplankton, a microscopic plant. Zooplankton is an aquatic organism that feeds on the phytoplankton. Then insects and small fish like bluegills that will feed on the zooplankton, and that zooplankton will increase the size of the bluegills. As the bluegills grow and fatten-up, they’ll spawn in the summer, May through September. Those young bluegills provide more high-quality food for the bass. By fertilizing your pond, you increase the condition, the growth rate and the size of the bass in that pond. Growing bass is much like growing cattle. You can grow a few cattle on a pasture that’s not fertilized, but if you fertilize and water that pasture, you can increase the number of cows you can raise on that land, because there’s more available food.

Click for Larger ViewQuestion: How much Perfect Pond Plus fertilizer do you need to put into a pond or lake to increase the size and the number of bass that that pond or lake can grow?

Click for Larger ViewKeller: We generally recommend about 5 pounds of Perfect Pond Plus for every 5 acres, and we suggest that you re-fertilize when you can see down about 18 inches through the water. Perfect Pond Plus comes in a 25-pound bag, which is enough to fertilize one, 5-acre pond or to fertilize a 1-acre pond five times. Perfect Pond Plus is a powder that’s extremely water soluble and dissolves in the upper 18 inches of the water column. You can broadcast the powder with a scoop, and then when it hits the water, it goes into a solution. Remember, that anytime you fertilize a pond, you can increase the size and the number of fish it will produce by 300 percent or more. If you’re not getting the response to your fertilizer that you think you should, you should take a water sample and have it analyzed. If the soils in the pond are acidic, none of the fertilizer will react as well as it should. You may need to add lime to your pond. Ideally you want the alkalinity of your pond or lake to be 20 parts per million or higher. At this rate of alkalinity, your fertilizer will give you your desired results. By using Perfect Pond Plus, you should see a significant difference in not only the number of fish you’re catching, but also in the size of fish you’re catching. To learn more about Tiger Bass, go to or call 334-281-7703.

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