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The War at Long Creek - Part Three

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Gene Brooks of Dublin, Georgia, hunts hogs in three different states and is on call to a large number of landowners and farmers. When a bad hog or a pack of hogs starts eating and destroying crops, tearing up roads and killing dogs, then landowners and farmers call Brooks. Brooks' motto is, "Have Dogs, Will Travel." Although Brooks catches and removes any hog or group of hogs that terrorizes the landscape, he specializes in "killer" hogs. Killer hogs have been hunted before by other hog hunters and are so bad that they leave bulldogs, curs and hounds lying on the ground like casualties from a bombing raid. For the next two weeks, we'll look at the man, his dogs and the hogs he hunts.

"Click to enlargeWe fought that 525-pound wild boar at Long Creek for what seemed like 30 minutes," Brooks says. "But I know that the true time was only a minute or two. Since I'd had my hands cut up and bitten before when I'd tried to grab the front leg of a wild hog, I was being careful. But then I also realized that if we didn't get that hog down quickly, the other three dogs would be killed." Brooks finally got a firm hold on the front leg of the hog and using both hClick to enlargeands, he pulled up while driving with his shoulder to knock the hog over. When the hog hit the ground, Brooks immediately put his knee on the hog's neck to pin the hog to the ground and prevent the hog from being able to cut him with his tusks.

"I tried to hold that front leg as high off the ground as I could and put as much weight on my knee as I could to keep that boar's head down," Brooks explains. At the same time that Brooks wrestled the front end of the hog, Neal got aClick to enlarge small rope out of his pocket to tie one of the hog's back legs. "As soon as Trip got a back foot tied, I handed him the opposite front foot. When we tie a hog, we tie a back foot to front foot, then another back foot to a front foot. This way the hog can't get up and move. Then we pull all four feet together." After the hog was tied, Brooks and Neal started gathering up their dogs and headed to the vet with plans to come back and drag the hog out of the woods after they’d taken care of their hounds.



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