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Limiting Out On Linesides

Night Bass Fishing

Editor’s Note: Catching white bass is relatively simple because the fish are extremely aggressive – eating many types of smaller Click to enlargefish, including perch, bluegills, crappie and gizzard shad besides feeding on insects and crustaceans – and will hit a wide variety of baits. The biggest problem involved in catching white bass is finding the fish so anglers have a target for their casting. Since populations of white bass fluctuate from year to year because of the fragility of the eggs and the requirement of nearly-perfect weather conditions for hatching, the fishing is hot and cold. Although the white bass can be harvested heavily witClick to enlargehout harming the fishery, the fish successfully reproduce only every three to four years in most areas.

When you cannot find the white bass by day, let them find you at night. Although white bass prefer deeper water in the daytime, they travel into the shallows at dusk for night feeding. By using a Coleman lantern, a floating light or pier lights, anglers can lure linesides into catching range. Click to enlargeOne of the best baits for night fishing for whites is the minnow, which is a natural food of the white bass. By either fishing a tight line or using a cork and suspending a minnow off the bottom, anglers can have fast fishing by starlight.

Many times minnows will turn on the fish when they normally are turned-off. And night fishing with minnows is not the only time the live bait is effectiClick to enlargeve on the stripe. Hooking a minnow through the lips on a jig, a spoon, a spinnerbait or crankbait also may trigger strikes in the daytime when artificial lures are non-productive by themselves. The minnow added to the lure is like a piece of homemade lemon pie waiting to be eaten by a fisherman after a full dinner. Even though the angler knows his stomach is full, and he shouldn’t eat the pie, he can’t let the piece of pie sits on the plate without taking a bite, and neither can a stripe.

Even though most states have liberal limits on linesides, which can be easy to find and not too difficult to catch, there are no guarantees whenever you go fishing. But by utilizing some of these tactics this spring and summer, you’ll increase your chances of limiting out on linesides.

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