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Proven Night Crappie-Fishing MethodsClick to enlarge

Night Fishing Safety

Editor’ Note: While nighttime crappie fishing can be fun and productive, always be safe where your life is concerned. Just this summer, we’ve all heard about injuries connected with boats – fishing or cruising – at night. Follow these tips. Click to enlarge

When you’re planning to fish at night, study your state’s water-safety regulations before you go. Don’t be macho. Wear your life preserver always – as soon as you head toward the dock. Don’t just sit on it, or have it available in the boat, if that’Click to enlarges what your state requires. A friend of mine and his family this summer of 2006 were motoring at dusk with their lights on when a smaller boat with no lights hit their craft mid-stern, knocking his three children and his wife into the water. They all have had to endure hospital stays because they didn’t wear their life vests, although they had complied with state regulations. Too, be sure you have a fire extinguisher on board and all your running lights are operational. Also make certain you have a light you caClick to enlargen leave on in the boat during the time you’re anchored. Then other boaters can see you. I use a small fluorescent light to light up the interior of my boat and to enable me to see how to remove hooks and bait easier. I also keep a small Mag Lite in the top of my tackle box to help me find equipment in my box at night. Too, I carry a spare set of flashlight batteries. Every time I get in a boat, my batteries seem to be dead or dying. Keeping a spare set insures I have plenty of power for my night lights.


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