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Deer Hunting with Greg Miller

What Miller Learned From This UPS PhD Buck

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Greg Miller of Bloomer, Wisconsin, outdoor writer, seminar speaker, television host and one of the most-widely-recognized deer hunters in the nation, has used Hunter’s Specialties’ products for many years and has taken many trophy deer in his lifetime. According to Miller, “In my family, deer hunting is a tradition that’s as rich and as important as the blood that runs through the veins in the men of the Miller family. I’ve been hunting whitetails for about 42 years. Although I hunt deer with a wide variety of weapons, bowhunting is my favorite way.” This week we’re going to talk with Greg about some of his most-memorable bucks he has taken and tells about in John E. Phillips’ latest book, “PhD Whitetails.” To learn more, click here. Click to enlarge


The UPS PhD Buck I told you about yesterday taught me that:

* I never should delay taking a buck when making a video because the sooner you shot the buck you wanted to take, the better your odds would be for bagging him.

* I never should forget about noticing things out of my control that could affect my hunting – like the UPS man. When our landowner hosted a hunt, he would hang a flag on his gate to let everyone know not to come up the 1/2-mile long driveway that was adjacent Click to enlargeto the alfalfa field. We learned after our hunt the first year that a new UPS man had delivered packages to the landowner’s house while we were there and didn’t know what the flag meant. The UPS truck turned in the driveway and came to the landowner’s house the first year we hunted there, which was why the deer in the field spooked. We didn’t see the UPS man that first year because we were in a ground blind with our backs to the driveway.

* a landowner could help you keep up with a big buck during the year. Then you could pattern that buck and have a reasonable chance of taking him. Once we told the landowner about the buck we didn’t take the first year, described the rack and told him where we’d seen the buck, he started watching the deeClick to enlarger for us and patterned him. His help gave us a tremendous advantage because we couldn’t watch this property all year like we would if we’d found the buck on a hunting club or hunting land close to home.

* I needed to use a range finder and know my black-powder rifle really well. Then I shot with confidence when I had a buck out at 100 yards or more.

To learn more about “PhD Whitetails,” click here.

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