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Shooting More Accurately – How to Mount and Sight-In Scopes

What Price to Pay for a Scope

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: The secrets to shooting accurately include choosing the best rifle for your hunt, the correct ammunition and the right bases and rings, mounting your scope properly and then sighting-in your scope correctly. To gather the best information on how to make rifles shoot more accurately, I talked with Russ Sockwell of Mark’s Outdoors in BirmingClick to enlargeham, Alabama, a gunsmith with 10 years of experience who mounts scopes and sights-in thousands of rifles each year.

Russ Sockwell explains that deer hunters can expect to pay $400 minimum for a quality riflescope, with squirrel hunters paying from $100 to $200 for an appropriate scope. Big-game hunters may want to consider scopes costing $800 to $1500 or more.
Why Purchase a Sling:
Russ Sockwell recommendsClick to enlarge that you always purchase a quality sling for your gun, particularly since you’re already spending money to buy a quality scope and a nice rifle. “Going through the woods, you need both hands free when you’re hunting to use your binoculars, climb, move brush and do many other tasks that the hunter has to perform before he’s ready to take the shot,” Sockwell advises. “If you step in a hole, a rock gives waClick to enlargey under you, or you twist your ankle, the first thing you’ll do is put your hands out in front of you to break your fall. If you have your rifle in your hand, your rifle and scope will be the first things to hit the ground when you fall, which can scar-up your rifle and/or jar your scope. Then your rifle may not shoot accurately. I recommend the Butler Creek neoprene-style sling that sells for about $20. Or, the Vero Vellini, which is also a neoprene sling that sells for about $30 to $35.”

To learn more, go to, email Sockwell at or call (205) 822-2010.

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