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Alabama's Gulf Coast Fishing with ProKat Boats and Phil Mosley

What is Fishability?

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: While fishing off Alabama’s Gulf Coast in May, we ran offshore and fished for bottom feeders around a gas rig that was 60-miles out in the Gulf of Mexico and only about 2 miles from the Continental Shelf. I was amazed at how fast we reached the rig, how smooth the ride was on the ProKat catamaran, and how fast we made the trip. When I asked Mike Robinson, the president of ProKat catamarans with their lifetime warranties against rot and 10-year limited hull warranty, why he powered the 27-foot catamaran with two, Suzuki 175 outboards, he explained, “I like the Suzuki 175s because they’re in-line 4-cylinder engines, which cause the motors to be more narrow and lighter than most other outboards. These engines are very powerful. They have more cubic inches than any other engines in the industry, as far as I know. They’re more fuel-efficient than the C-6s, anClick to enlarged the two 170s really push these catamarans quickly across the water. With our boats and the Suzuki engines, we normally get 2- to 2-plus miles-per-gallon, which is very-good fuel efficiency for a boat that has a 27-foot, 1-inch hull with a 9-foot, 4-inch beam. Also, the Suzuki engineers have found a way to drastically reduce the noise from their engines, making the engine hoods quiet and a pleasure to use for fishing.

One of the words fishermen use in describing a boat is fishability. While fishing 350-foot-deep water last weekend, I wondered, “What is fishability?” I analyzed why I liked fishing out of the ProKat catamaran.
* The ride was comfortable, quiet and stable, and I still had all the fillings in my teeth when we arrived at the rig to fish. There was no bouncing, jarring or pitching and rolling like I’ve often experienced on v-bottom boats.Click to enlarge
* Each of us seven men fished at once, yet had plenty of room to fish. We never got a line tangled.
* The cat responded quickly when the captain got close to the rig and needed to move away from those barnacle-encrusted pylons where we fished.
* The anglers weren’t thrown side-to-side by rolling waves as the boat jumped ahead, when the captain helped the anglers set their hooks by throttling the boat forward.
* My knees and thighs weren’t black-and-blue from hitting the side of the boat while fishing by the end of the trip
Many times, while holding a boat on a spot to fish, a boat will rock back-and-forth in the waves, causing your thighs and knees to get beat up on the side of the boat as you brace yourself. With a catamaran, there’s no pitching and yawing. Too, a cushioned rail at knee level acts as a shock absorber when your knees come in contact with the side of the boat.

I didn’t have a sore back and neck from bouncing over the waves or riding up and dowClick to enlargen on the waves. Many times, in a fast boat, especially like the ones tournament king mackerel fishermen use, you really can get beaten-up in a rough sea. Because the cat has two hulls, it cuts through the waves better than a v-bottom boat. When describing the word fishability, we’re really saying that a boat has fishability when you easily and comfortably can fish from it and ride on it. The boat’s only half of a fishing trip. Currently, the Gulf of Mexico is as hot as a firecracker with plenty of fish being caught there. This is the beginning of red snapper season, king mackerel season and marlin season, and a great opportunity to catch any kind of fish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you want to know more about fishing Alabama’s Gulf Coast, visit the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Business Bureau at, or call 800-745-SAND.

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