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Duck Hunting in the Summer

More Crow-Hunting Ways with Jerry Tomlin

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Summertime duck hunting sounds illegal, and it is. However, simply changing which bird is hunted will leave all the other elements of duck hunting in place. These hunters shot crows over water, not ducks. Before deciding there's not much involved iClick to enlargen hunting crows, consider that crows have a complex communication system. Ornithologists have identified 50-different expressions crows make. For instance, the sounds "caw-aw, caw-aw, caw-aw" assure the flocks of safety. The "Kawk, kawk, kawk" sound warns crows of danger. Scientists have found that crows, like parrots, can learn to repeat words and long phrases. Crows with their high intelligence and keen eyesight are hard to fool when you hunt them.

Using his blind-and-decoy technique, Tomlin will have one, two or three crows coming in at a time rather than the 15 to 20 crows that will swarm in when he calls very aggressively. "Calling aggressively and having a large group of crows swarm spooks the rest of the crows that can’t be bagged, which makes calling in any more birds difficult," Tomlin emphasizes After Tomlin shoots an area, he waits about three or four weeks before he returns to that same region to shoot more crows. He finds that he can call the crows much easier as time passes than if he returns only a week later. Although Tomlin concentrates most of his crow huntinClick to enlargeg around pecan orchards, peanut fields and corn fields, he advises also looking at ponds on dairy farms and beef cattle farms where the animals eat corn. Crows are freeloaders looking for free grain, peanuts or pecans anywhere they can find them,Click to enlarge and love these kinds of places.

According to Tomlin, "The University Extension Service in Georgia estimates one crow will consume 7 pounds of pecans per season. With swarms of 200 to 400 crows in a pecan orchard at a time when the nuts are ready to fall, the crows can destroy the pecan crop. One grower told me that because of crows, he only harvested about 100 pounds of pecans out of his 40-acre orchard one year. Crows eat the pecans and also will peck holes in the ones they don't eat, which spoils the meat of the pecans and makes the pecans unsuitable for commercial sales."

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