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Fishing for Beaver-Pond Bass

How to Find Beaver Ponds

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: When beaver-pond bassing is right, it can be some of the most-explosive, exciting fishing that an angler can experience. There is more than one way to catch a beaver-pond-bass because there’s more than one type of beaver pond to fish.

Now that you kClick to enlargenow how much fun beaver-pond bassing can be and the different methods that can be utilized to get into and fish beaver ponds, the next logical question is “How does an angler find a beaver pond to fish?” There are several places to find information on locating beaver ponds.

1) The U.S. Geological Survey is an agency that has aerial photos of most of the water systems throughout the U.S. These photos show the locations of beaver ponds, who owns the land the ponds are on and how and if they can be accessed. Go to for more information.

2) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also has maps of the waterways they oversee and can supply plenty of information and photos of where beaver ponds are and howClick to enlarge to get in to them.

3) Each state’s Department of Conservation employs conservation officers and fisheries biologists who are familiar with the topography of each region of their state, and often can give ideas about where to find beaver ponds to fish.

4) The U.S. Forest Service has maps and photos of the lands they oversee, many of which haveClick to enlarge beaver ponds that are rarely fished. Visit for additional information.

5) Also, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) is a government agency that has a Soil Conservation Service, and the employees may know about beaver ponds that are located on farms that are available to the basser. For more information, visit

Beaver-pond bassing is fun fishing and is easy to adapt to anyone’s lifestyle, income and fishing techniques. Beaver ponds also offer the angler secluded fishing away from crowds and bass that usually are easy to catch and fun to fight.

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