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Feral Hogs – Here They Come

Wild Hogs Are Coming to a Town Near You

Click to enlargeEditor's Note: You may find hogs the next major wildlife threat to farmers.
According to Dr. Steve Ditchkoff, associate professor of wildlife at Auburn
University, "If you don't have 'em, you'll get 'em. Once you get 'em, more
than likely, you can't get rid of 'em. As soon as you think you're rid of
'em, they will return." Dr. Ditchkoff headed-up the first national
conference on wild pigs in Mobile, Alabama, in May, 2006, with 32 U.S. and
Australian researchers attending. Their findings may surprise you.

How the Ford Ranch Got Rid of Feral Hogs:
Forrest Armke, the manager of the 30,000-acre Ford Ranch near Melvin, Texas, conducted a highly-effective feral-hog eradication program there. When Armke first came to the ranch 20-years ago, the entire ranch had a huge hog population that killed and ate the fawns and livestock newborns and also disturbed turkey nests and ate turkey eggs. Armke went to war against the hogs. Armke recalls, “For about 8 years, we shot hogs as hard and heavy as we could, trying to get the ranch’s hogs under control. Anyone who sees a hog on our property today is to shoot the hog immediately.” Click to enlarge

The Origin of Wild Pigs:
In the original Thirteen Colonies, settlers brought pigs with them from England and often allowed them to run free where they mated and increased their numbers, particularly in swampy areas. California’s wildClick to enlarge pigs originated from free-ranging domestic pigs brought by Spanish settlers in the 1700s and also stockings of Eurasian wild boars made by hunters in the 1920s and again in the 1950s.

When Wild Hogs Come to Town:
Some urban areas today have feral-hog problems, particularly the 3,600+ acre Fort Worth, Texas, Nature Center and Refuge where the animals have lived since 1999. Scientists there have trapped and euthanized feral hogs for more than 2 years to try to control the herd’s numbers.

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